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Issue 188
July 2008
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The Sunny Side of Science Fiction
Ken Slater Honoured
Arthur C. Clarke Awards, 2008
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It's All a Question of Endings
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London Film & Comic Con
Denvention 3
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Kung Fu Panda
10,000 BC
In The Name of the King
The Happening
The Incredible Hulk
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Iron Man

latest book releases

FIRST BORN – Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter

KETHANI – Eric Brown

The Digital Plague, House of Suns, Kethani, Iron Angel, First all

The Spierwick Chronicles 

National Treasure/National Treasure 2 - Book Of Secrets

The Spiderwick Chronicles, Batman Begins/Gotham Knight, National Treasure/National Treasure 2 - Book Of Secrets, The Orphanage, Doctor Who - Series 4 Vol.3, Stargate - all


Motley Crue 


Coldplay , Mostly Autumn, The Offspring, Judas Priest, Mötley Crüe, Seth all

Something strange is happening. Out there, outside of genre publishing, outside of science fiction and fantasy, there appears to be a resurgence of interest in steampunk and ‘fantastic Victoriana’. Steampunk has become a fashion accessory, a lifestyle...MORE
features in this issue
Bruce Sterling Didactic Chat: Bruce Sterling
When I first set out to find Bruce Sterling, I thought that it would never happen. Surely, a guy who has written the seminal -punk anything book, whether it be cyber-, steam-, or (I kid you not) monkey-, would have better things to do with his time. Yet Bruce responded to my query immediately with a casual, “What's on your mind?”...MORE
Snatched Moments #2 Snatched Moments #2
In each issue of Matrix, we will attempt to bring you an ‘in brief’ interview with someone of interest to the SF community. The subject of our second ‘Snatched Moments’ column is Science Fiction author, Eric Brown...MORE
Steaming Celluloid Steaming Celluloid
There are, I suppose, cases to be made for Hollywood seriously molesting every outcropping of science fiction at one time or another. But few of the branches on the sf tree can have been so comprehensively battered as steampunk. Think, for a moment, of the vast swathes of cash and human endeavour thrown at the screen in films like Wild Wild West, The League of Gentlemen...MORE
The Sound of Steampunk Pump Up The Volume: The Sound of Steampunk
While continuing to pay homage to its literary origins, noughties’ Steampunk has evolved into a veritable subculture in its own right. Dark aesthetics, combined with a flare for antique fashion, laboratorial curiosities, cybernetics, and the reengineering of all manner of rogue mechanicals, were always destined to appeal to the goth, punk, cyber and industrial contingent...MORE
True Brit True Brit
British heroes are making a return, with three classic characters staging a comeback onto the UK sequential art market: Daniel McGregor Dare, Bill Savage and James Bigglesworth. Dan Dare, Savage and Biggles. They are quintessentially British characters originally from the fifties, seventies and thirties respectively...MORE
Best SF Movies - 1950s Best SF Movies - 1950s
So by now anyone still following this round-up of the Best Ever…! Science Fiction films of the past glorious decades since the inception of the BSFA should have built up quite a tidy little DVD collection. Back at the beginning of this time-traveling trip to the collective memory bank it was my intention to gather together and chart the progress of science fiction media (and here I really think we...MORE
Seduction of the Innocent Seduction of the Innocent 10
Six years ago, a three issue horror miniseries hit the comic shops shelves with a resounding, splattering thud. Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith were suddenly catapulted into comic books stardom with 30 Days of Night, and both have continued to work in the industry to much acclaim...MORE
Access All Areas: A 'Vision' of the Future Access All Areas: Social networking...friend or foe?
Why is it that every website I visit at the moment seems to be either a blog or a social networking site? Not that there is anything wrong with blogs or social networks, but it does beg the question where will it all end? Every other day a new social networking or Web 2.0 (see wiki link for more info) website pops up, offering a ‘new’ way of socialising – or, as we cynics see it, a new way of...MORE
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